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Cake Smash Sessions

Cake Smash + Bubble bath​

What an amazing way of celebrating your baby's first birthday! I guarantee you mess and laugher! 

I do provide the cake that I will order from a local baker, there are a few designs available according to the setup you have chosen. (simple cream, naked cake style, rainbow, unicorn)

I also have a few outfits that you are welcome to use, but you can also bring your own if you prefer. 

I have 3 setups to choose from at the moment, you can pick your favourite. 


Please note if you choose the Bronze Collection, there is no bath included, just the cake smash. Cake+bath are both included from the Silver Collection and above.


Session Fees

Every session requires a $200 Creative fee upon booking. Please note your date/booking is not secure until the amount has been paid and the client agreement signed. Your Creative fee covers your session, access to my full client wardrobe, the cake sourced from a local baker, time and talent of the photographer and does not include any products or digital images. This payment is non refundable. 


On the top of the session fee, you need to add the price of the Collection, that includes your digital images.

Please note that: Unedited/RAW images will not be given or sold, thank you for your understanding.


If you are looking at prints, wall art, canvas, photo-albums etc please don’t hesitate to ask me for my product price list. I have access to beautiful products.​

You can choose your setup from the available ones you can see on the Cake smash Gallery

The Collections

Collection Bronze: Your favourite 5 images- $470 (no bubble bath included)

Collection Silver: Your favourite 10 images- $770

Collection Gold: Your favourite 15 images- $1070

Collection Diamond: Full gallery (around 25+images) + 10% OFF on any additional product purchased separately.- $1500.

Add on a Mini Album for $350 (save $50) : $1850

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